Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Relationship Is Starting To Look Serious


After her birthday party, which was just as controversial as everyone expected (complete with topless straddling of a phallic object), Miley Cyrus makes the gossip columns again, this time for a more romantic reason – apparently she and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick are serious about their relationship and they really do look in love.

The couple was seen walking after a romantic date at one of the best restaurants in Malibu, Patrick’s arm around Miley’s shoulder, both of them all smiles and bright eyes. This was their first date after Thanksgiving, which they both spent with their families. The Schwarzeneggers traditionally feed the homeless on this holiday and Miley posted some photos of her smoking either a joint or a rolled cigarette and having a drink while her family cooked the Thanksgiving dinner.

Sources close to the family say that Patrick’s mother Maria Shriver is not very happy with her son dating Miley, especially after some of the photos from her birthday party emerged.

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