Miley Cyrus Becomes An Advocate For LGBT+ Rights


Having recently come out as genderqueer – not defining as either male or female, but rather feeling like both equally – Miley Cyrus goes on to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights through her #InstaPride campaign. #InstaPride aims to share stories of transgender and gender expansive people, and it will consist of a series of photos.

The photos are being taken by Miley herself, and will be used to raise awareness to her Happy Hippie Foundation launched in May. The Happy Hippie Foundation is to fight injustice faced by homeless people and the LGBTQ+ youth. The foundation will also offer art and animal therapies for children and teens, as well as support.

The first person to share his story was Leo Sheng, a 19-year-old from Michigan. He told the world about his transition from female to male. Another person to share their journey is Greta Martela, a 44-year-old transgender person. Miley Cyrus has also recently come out as bisexual.


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