Miley Cyrus Had Body Image Issues During “Hannah Montana”


Believe it or not, playing Hannah Montana, the perfect teenager girl, was not always the easiest thing to do for Miley Cyrus. In fact, the pop singer said that it was a very difficult time for her, especially in the beginning, when he was expected to play a teenage girl while she was not even 12 years old.

Miley said that the role messed with her head a lot and that it was hard for her to have to become Hannah every day, put wigs on and wear a lot of makeup. She said that sometimes she felt like the children who participate in beauty pageants.

She said that the image see had to portray every day even led to body image issues of her own, having to be that perfect teenager with long blond locks every day on screen.

However, Miley is strong and she was able to bounce back from that experience, which helped her to carve her own path as a singing sensation years later.

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