Model Believes She Was Drugged At Justin Bieber Listening Party


It was reported this morning that an Australian woman, a local model named Bailey Scarlett, believes that she was drugged at an event held in honor of Justin Bieber’s new album.

The event was a private Australian listening party for the new album, which took place on Sunday night in a recording studio in Melbourne. Bailey believes that someone tossed something into her vodka lemonade while she was mingling around the studio.

However, everyone responsible for the event is denying any wrong doing. Event organizer Alex McDonnell said that he believes that the girl was simply having a panic attack, and that’s why she started feeling dizzy and her vision became blurred.

The owner of the studio said that there is video of the entire event and that this footage clearly shows that no one went near the woman’s drink. Bailey has made the social media post about the event private due to legal reasons.

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