Mr. Bean Is Very Much Alive


We don’t know who thinks it’s fun to declare alive and kicking people for deceased, but it just keeps happening. The last celebrity to fall victim to this awful prank, hoax or whatever you wish to call it is Rowan Atkinson. Chances are, you already saw the fake news cruising social media this weekend, but the Daily Record has set the record straight.

Rowan Atkinson, 61, is still very much alive and he isn’t going anywhere, no matter what some dodgy reports might claim. The public was shaken up yesterday, when the news of Atkinson’s “suicide” went viral, but nothing can be further from the truth.

There were even full blown interviews about how Atkinson’s reps made statements about the actor’s depression and addiction problems, which naturally turned out to be a complete sham. People were scandalized by the fake news, but the truth always gets out, as was with this case. Our dear Mr. Bean and ever dearer Black Adder is alive and well with his family in San Francisco.


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