Nicole Scherzinger Opens Up About Needing Therapy


During her interview with Clemmie Moodie the talented, beautiful and obnoxiously rich star opened up about her sessions with a life coach and pastor that help her keep her hectic lifestyle in track.

Nicole Scherzinger seems to have it all.

However, she admits she is seeing a life coach and a pastor to keep her life together. She even Skypes them both when she’s not around.

“I’ve had psychiatrists, life coaches, my pastor – a lot of different therapy in the past,” she said.

“It feels weird and invasive at first but then you just frickin’ talk about yourself so much, they’re probably going to be rolling their eyes. It’s good to get it out, get your thoughts and your boxes in line and become aware, aware of our patterns, our bad habits. Once you’re aware, then you can grow and move forward and not make the same stupid mistakes as before. If you don’t get it out, then those demons will just sit inside you and infest. It seals off your life.”

“You want to be a better person, you want to grow. You want to have a better life, to have purpose and not be afraid to go after your dreams and to be the best… I’m a work in progress.”

After the X Factor, Nicole has been busy recording new music, and equally busy promoting new work.

She said, “I should speak to her more but it’s usually when it’s a dire emergency, like ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got so much on my mind. I need some guidance’. It’s good to get some perspective, get some guidance, and have the weight taken off your shoulders. You feel so much better… and just having somebody to talk to who has no agenda.”

As she is Catholic, and her grandfather is a priest, she regularly goes to church and Confession, which she uses as another way of self-help.

“For me it has helped,” she confessed. “But it is a case of each to their own. With Confession, because of my spiritual relationship with God, it just helps. For some people it’s meditation, for others prayer, but because I came with my Catholic roots, I feel like it lifts something off of me. It’s always good to ask for forgiveness and forgive.”

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