North West Flying Solo First Class

North West, a 12-month old baby, gathered some frequent flyer miles when she boarded a flight from New York to Los Angeles on June 19.

And she was alone. Apparently, her parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, also boarded a flight, but to different destinations than their little baby girl.

Little North took a flight from New York City to Los Angeles according to TMZ. However, she had many with her, including a nanny, an assistant, a bodyguard, and a nurse, why not.

Of course she flew first class, and instead of deboarding with the rest of the people, little North was carried off of the plane and onto the tarmac, where only a Porsche was waiting to bring her home. Yes, this really happened.

Classy. We’re sure that was her father’s idea.

So, Kim traveled back from Cannes, France to New York City before boarding another flight to Los Angeles, and Kanye caught a flight from Cannes to Miami, Florida.

When it comes to parenting style, the 33-year old reality TV star said she is a strict mother.

I’m really fun and playful, but I’m really strict on nap time, and sleeping in her own crib. Like Kourtney’s style is where her kids sleep in bed with her, so especially with the third baby coming — they’re going to need a bigger bed or they’re going to need some other rules,” she told MailOnline.

And maybe on weekends, [North will] come and sleep in the bed with us. But … I’m not crazy strict.”

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