Offended Rev. Al Sharpton Meeting Amy Pascal in New York

Al Sharpton And Trayvon Martin's Parents Hold News Conference In Washington

Amy Pascal, notorious Sony Entertainment Co-chair will have to sit through an unpleasant meeting with Rev. Al Sharpton next Thursday, to talk about racially-charged emails filled with mockery of the president.

The meeting is scheduled at noon at Greenwich hotel. They will talk about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, at least according to Sharpton’s National Action Network

Sharpton even phoned Pascal last week, asking her to apologise for the insulting remarks.

Hacked emails show that Pascal and producer Scott Rudin joked about president Obama’s taste in movies, and whether he enjoys more slavery-themed movies with black cast.

Pascal issued a formal apology, calling emails in question “insensitive and inappropriate.”

Sharpton had this to say:

“She said maybe this can be a teaching moment. I said, ‘No, it’s a changing moment. The jury is out on you.’ We will meet with her and then deal with whether her apology is legitimate.”

Looks like Rev. Al Sharpton was very offended.


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