One Direction Fans Destroyed Tickets For Band’s Concerts


Hundreds of One Direction fans have decided to team up in order to show the band they don’t appreciate their smoking ‘dope’ scandal. They have together destroyed tickets for the band’s upcoming concerts.

The reason for that is the video featuring Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking ‘dope’. Thanks to the video, the two heartthrobs hit international headlines on Tuesday, May 27 when the five-minute video showing them with marijuana cigarettes during their stop in Lima, Peru in April leaked online.

While one growing row was threatening to overwhelm the famous boy band on Wednesday, May 28 dozens of their fans decided they won’t put up with Malik and Tomlinson and their behavior.

Some younger fans admitted they have ripped up the tickets for the band’s gigs, and one teenager even took to her page to post a picture of a concert tickets set on fire.

The memebrs of the band are currently under a lot of pressure to comment on the incident directly. Since, only one statement was released by their representative on Tuesday. It read, “The matter is now in the hands of our lawyers.”

Parents have taken aim at the band, and on the Netmums website Nicola Lamond wrote, “Popstars doing drugs is nothing new – but when you market your music to preteen children, you take on real responsibility as a role model.”

Parents need to know their infant and junior age child’s idol won’t be caught out doing anything illegal or immoral.”

“While some people will argue this video was shot in private and so should be ignored, it exposes how naive Zayn and his management have been as there are always people willing to make money off the back of someone else’s success.”

Perhaps he needs to do some work with a charity specialising in helping children overcome the harrowing effects of drug use in their family.

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