Ozzy Osbourne Admits He Was A Bad Husband And Father


The singer of the legendary rock band Black Sabbath says he believes he was a bad husband and father. He adds that he doesn’t know how he’s still alive, considering the way he behaved in the past.

The Prince of Darkness told the Daily Mail newspaper: “I was a bad father, an abusive husband and I had an ego the size of India.’’

I spent decades of my life being an absolute idiot. I’ve got so many regrets I can’t even remember half of them. But wives and kids are right at the top. It’s pointless even saying sorry. I couldn’t say it enough times.

He has a long history of substance abuse and was sober for quite some time in the past few years.  After seven years of sobriety, Ozzy started drinking again in 2012.

He explained: “There was no reason [for the relapse] except that I’m an alcoholic and one day you just look outside, it’s a sunny day and you know nothing is going to come between you and a beer, and then you go right down the mud slide and you’re crawling around on the floor wishing you didn’t have to watch another sunrise.’’

But if you take cocaine you can drink forever. Cocaine and booze are the eggs and bacon of the addict’s world, the perfect combination. And you just can’t stop.

After the relapse, the famous musician started attending Alcohol Anonymous meetings and is sober ever since.

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