Prince Breaks Up With His Fan’s Girlfriend On TV


During a recent appearance on Arsenio Hall’s late-night show, a Prince fan got the best assistance he could hope for to help him break up with his cheating girlfriend.

The fan, Steven, revealed his girlfriend was seeing her ex-boyfriend in Oregon at the same time as he was trying to settle down in Los Angeles.

Being desperate, Steven asked Prince for advice.

Unexpectedly, Prince agreed to call his girlfriend, Keegan, and break with her instead of Steven.

During the call, Prince used the lyrics from his own hit “When Doves Cry” and said, “In this relationship, things are much harder than in the real world. Keegan, in this life, you’re on your own. Keegan, this is what is sounds like when Steven breaks up with you.”

However, Steven’s ex-girlfriend handled the situation very well responding, “I wanna be sad, but also if you’re breaking up with me, I can’t be that sad,” adding, “Also, are you perhaps available?

The Purple Rain singer chuckled and said “No, I’m not available.”

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