Prince Harry Joins Anti-Poaching Patrol In Africa


The Queens grandson, Prince Harry, has apparently traveled to Africa to help anti-poaching units. According to sources close to the family, Harry was clearly disturbed by what happened to Cecil the Lion and wants to help and do something about it.

Harry is really no stranger to Africa; he has been to the continent many times joining a large variety of conservation projects. This time, he has been flown to South Africa where he will be joining an anti-poaching unit in Kruger National Park.

This is one of the most important conservation parks in South Africa, with a large number of endangered animals living there. Harry will be joining a patrol of many hundreds of rangers, police officers and infantry who keep their eyes out for poachers in the conservation park and protect the animals from harm.

Harry has experience flying Apache helicopters, so there’s a good chance that he will be doing some aerial surveillance as well.

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