Prince Trolls The Internet Brilliantly


If you know anything about Prince, then you know that he doesn’t really like the Internet. He doesn’t tweet, he doesn’t have an Instagram account, and he has talked a lot about how much he just doesn’t like computers and digital things in general.

So of course, people were surprised when Prince decided to join Facebook. Not only did he join Facebook, but he also decided to have a question and answer event as well. Naturally, fans lined up to submit their questions to Prince via Facebook, and the last time we checked, there were well over 3,000 questions asked.

And how many did Prince take the time to answer? One. That’s right, just one question.

He answered the question: “Please address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432hz sound frequencies???”

Prince wrote “The Gold Standard” and posted a link to an article about some sort of mathematical gibberish. You got to love that guy.

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