Rod Stewart Breaks Fans Nose With Soccer Ball


At a recent show in Las Vegas, aging but still sexy rocker Rod Stewart kicked a soccer ball into the crowd that ended up breaking the nose of a fan.

And now the fan is trying to sue Stewart for injuring him at the 2012 concert. But Rod doesn’t seem to worried about it. He said that the fan should have kept his eyes on the ball, and gave some other pointers when it comes to soccer.

Most people who know Stewart know that he is crazy about soccer, or as he calls it in his homeland – football. He is a huge fan of Celtic, who play in the Scottish football league. Stewart, himself is half Scot and half British. He even mentioned his favorite squad in an emotional song he released called “Always in My Heart.”

No news yet on whether the case is going to go to court and whether Stewart is going to be held responsible for kicking the ball into the crowd on that night.

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