Rolling Stones Don’t Want Trump Using Their Songs


In a month or so, we predict that Donald Trump is going to have to use exclusively classical music at his rallies, because no living artist wants anything to do with him.

Recently, pop queen Adele, Boston rockers Aerosmith and Canadian rock royalty Neil Young all asked the Republican presidential nominee to stop using their songs at rallies.

Now, The Rolling Stones are doing the same thing. Trump has recently been playing tunes like “Start Me Up” at his rallies to try and get his crowd pumped up before he speaks. But the Stones are anything but pumped up about it.

The law states that technically, Trump doesn’t have to ask for permission to play these tracks. It’s up to the venue to get a blanket license for the songs they emit. However, Trump‘s campaign has backed down without a fight and stopped using the songs of people who have asked him to do so in the past and we expect that he’s going to do the same thing with the Stones, who will definitely get their “Satisfaction” once he stops.

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