Selena Gomez Thinks It’s Time For A New Image


According to her Twitter posts, the former Disney princess is turning a new page in her life. She teased her 32 million followers on Tuesday by posting a picture that simply says “THIS IS MY…”.

This alone would’ve been enough to make the fans wonder what’s going on, but just an hour later she posted a photo of her new album art – and it was something to look at. On the picture we can see Selena sitting on the floor completely naked, covering her breasts with her hands and hair, and her crotch with her leg.

This came somewhat as a surprise, but let us not forget that she isn’t the first Disney princess to suddenly jump into provocative womanhood. Christina Aguilera shocked the world with her single “Dirrty”, and Miley Cyrus shocked the world in general in a number of provocative turns.

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