Selena’s Trespassing Saga Continues With Another Intruder


Singer Selena Gomez’s home in California was trespassed once again on Friday morning, April 4th following a burglary report.

According to, police officers visited her Calabasas home after someone called them and reported a trespasser who actually jumped over the fence to get access to the property.

The Come and Get It singer was not home at the time. She already had some trespassing issues before when her property was visited by unknown men.

One was even convicted in February 2014 after being found in her guest house. He was sentenced to 120 days in jail. On March 31st, another intruder was arrested while she was home.

After attempts to access the property by calling at the main gate, the man broke into her guest house.

He was then arrested on burglary charges and trespassing.

While WENN went to press, police was still investigating the latest trespassing, and no arrests have been made.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Christopher Polk / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Selena Gomez is an American singer and actress who is famous for her hit singles and numerous television appearances.

While her charisma has attracted millions of fans globally, she seems to be attracting a whole different kind of audience recently, though.

It is not quite clear what Gomez has to say about these incidents or how she plans to avoid any future events from occurring. Focusing on the security of her home is surely a priority for Gomez at the moment.

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