Sienna Miller Admits Romance With Daniel Craig


Sienna Miller’s latest confession might be quite a surprise for her former boyfriend Jude Law. Namely, the famous actress admitted that she was in a romance with Daniel Craig while she was still dating Jude.

Sienna gave evidence via video-link for the phone-hacking trial that is being held in London. She’s currently filming a new drama, Mississippi Grind, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Miller and Craig starred together in the 2004 movie Layer Cake, when the British tabloid News of the World were found to illegally intercept voicemail messages in which the actress said “I love you” to the 007 star.

Miller told the court on Friday that it was likely that she left him the message since they were close friends back then. The popular actress has already received a $160,000 compensation from the tabloid bosses.

During the cross-examination over the nature of their relationship she claimed that many calls ended with “I love you”, but later admitted that they were “briefly involved”, adding “It was a very brief encounter – he was my best friend.”

However, Miller also expressed her frustration since her story has been “allowed out of the courtroom and turned into a titillating bit of info.”

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