Spock Lands In Hospital With Severe Chest Pains


There are guys that you just cannot imagine not being around, even if they might be old and of not-spectacular health. Leonard Nimoy, the legendary actor who originally portrayed Spock on Star Trek is definitely one of them.

First of all, do not worry, Mr. Nimoy is very much still around. However, he was rushed to hospital last week with severe chest pains. He was experiencing pains in his chest and when the paramedics came, they decided to take Spock to hospital to make sure nothing happens.

Nimoy has been visiting various hospitals quite often in the last half a year, mostly due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which he was diagnosed with in 2014. This condition that affects the lung can also cause various heart problems and conditions.

Nimoy himself blames his condition and his health problems on the smoking habit that he manage to kick more than 30 years ago.

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