Star Of Fifty Shades Of Grey Did His Research In Sex Dungeon

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Jamie Dornan, who came to prominence with his role in Once Upon A Time, will star as Christian Grey in the upcoming movie adaptation of E.L. James’ book Fifty Shades of Grey. Dornan told Elle UK that he wanted to prepare well for the role and even arranged a visit to a sex dungeon.

The actor said that the visit was quite simple – he went, they offered him a beer and just started doing their thing, while he watched. He joked about being slightly disappointed, as he was probably expecting them to put on a show for him, even though he didn’t pay.

He says it was an interesting, kinky and funny evening but he added that when he got home to his wife and his newborn baby he made sure to have a nice, long shower before touching either of them.

In a recent interview for the Guardian, Jamie Dornan talked about filming sex scenes and demystified the experience, saying there is absolutely nothing sexy about it.

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