Stop Obsessing Over Kylie Jenner’s Lips: They’re Old News


It’s a very disappointing fact that the world went nuts about Kylie Jenner’s big lips. Let’s be honest here. Kylie is a beautiful girl with big nice lips. They are beautiful, yes. They are feminine, yes. However, those are not the first pair of super beautiful lips. Plenty of super famous black women have naturally voluptuous lips? They are full, they are round, and they are so great you just want to get lost in them. So world, why are we obsessing about Kylie’s lips like they’re the first ones ever?

Why is it every time a white hot chick does something we tend to worship her, and we never appreciate if those things are natural to black women? Can we get an Amen here? Stop obsessing about what has been there since forever and give some praise to the women who own it.

And yes, have you seen what the #KylieJennerChallenge did to girls?

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