Supermodel Talks Cosby Sexual Assault on the View

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Supermodel Beverly Johnson appeared on The View this morning to describe the evening in which she claims Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her.  

The Wrap co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who has said that she will not rush to judge the comedian on several occasions, spoke with Cosby’s most recent accuser.

Johnson first described everything she could remember and then Goldberg asked her some unusual questions regarding the unfortunate event.

“Was it such a feeling, the drugs, that you weren’t worried what it might be? If you know that you’ve been drugged, were you worried about what you might have ingested?”

Johnson replied that she was just struggling to stay conscious.

“At that point, you’re not thinking about anything except for what I just told you and then you pass out.”

Whoopi then wanted to know whether her doorman said anything the following day.

“Did you ask the doorman the next day what condition you were or did you say anything?”

Johnson said that she didn’t before moving the discussion away from her own experience.

“No I didn’t. I basically just put my head down and just tried to get out from the embarrassment and the shame. This is not about Mr. Cosby. He’s just a lightning rod for a conversation about violence against women. I was the one who wasn’t raped, I don’t think, but who had a lot of the experiences that a lot of the other women have had and I’m coming forward just to tell the truth. I think what should happen is that people who have experienced sexual abuse and violence should come forward and not be afraid to speak up and speak out.”


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