Taylor Swift Is Scared She’ll End Up A Lonely Cat Lady


Taylor Swift sat down with a journalist from The Telegraph and gave one of her most honest and revealing interviews ever. And the impression we got from the interview is that she just wants attention.

Namely, she is being all whiney and scared that she will end up alone because of the people who are following her around and taking pics of her, trying to talk to her and whatnot. To repeat, she is whining about this in an interview.

Furthermore, she says that she sees herself as a cat lady when she is 30, admittedly half-jokingly. First of all, cat ladies are older and when you are 30, it is not the end of your life.

Also, it is quite difficult to imagine a future in which an objectively attractive and nice young girl with gazillions of dollars and an obvious talent does not find someone.

She is just seeking attention.

Of course, if she is serious and anxious about her romantic future, then we do apologize.

She is a nice girl, after all.

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