Taylor Swift Makes Ailing Fan’s Wish Come True


Jorja Hope is a huge Taylor Swift fan. She is 12 years old and has a condition defined as progressive, inner-ear hearing loss, which means that she is quickly growing deaf.

When asked what the worst thing about her condition is, Hope says that it’s the fact that she will not longer be able to hear her favorite artist, Taylor Swift, sing.

With the help of her sister and a Sydney radio station, Jorja got to go to a Swift concert and also meet Swift afterward.

Jorja’s twin sister Chloe started an online campaign that urged the local radio station to get Jorja to meet Swift on her Australian tour, and it worked. Jorja had VIP seats at the show in Sydney this Saturday.

She even got to take a picture with Swift, who Hope says was a lot taller than she would have guessed.

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