Taylor Swift Shares Bad News With Fans


Taylor Swift shared very bad news with her fans yesterday, telling them about her mom being diagnosed with cancer. She announced this on her Tumblr account, adding that the details of the condition and the treatment will remain private.

At first, this seems like nothing more than trying to get a bit more attention (as if Taylor needs more attention), but when you dig deeper, you realize that this is something more. Namely, Taylor is only trying to raise awareness of the importance of random screening for this, the nastiest of diseases.

She said that it was her and her brother who bothered her mom to go in for a regular checkup, even though there was nothing wrong with her. As it turned out, her diagnosis came positive and a difficult battle is now ahead of her and the entire family.

It is actually a very good thing that the famous pop star is talking about this and letting her young fans understand the importance of early diagnosis and regular checkups.

If it saves only one life, it was totally worth it.

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