Taylor Swift Switches Up Her Game!


Well, it looks like Taylor Swift won’t be in a position to sell any more heartbreaking hits as the tables have turned in the love life of the massively popular singer. Just days after she broke it off with Calvin Harris, Swift passed on to a Hollywood hottie, Tom Hiddleston, according to a recent report by the Mirror.

The American sweetheart had her heart broken many times apparently, so she’s taken things into her own hands, to make sure it never happens again. Barely two weeks have passed since her breakup with the Scottish celebrity DJ became official, and on Wednesday she was seen canoodling with none other than Tom Hiddleston, who just recently broke up with Rita Ora (obviously, singers are his “thing”). Just after the news about the new couple broke out, Harris did everything in his power to destroy all the evidence of ever being with Swift, even though they’ve been happily dating for 15 months.

The media spoke too soon when they claimed this will be the first scandal-free breakup in Swift’s love history. Oh, the scandal is here, only this time,Taylor Swift is the one playing men, not the other way around as usual.

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