The Beatles Biopic By Ron Howard


Director Ron Howard signed on to produce a yet untitled biopic following The Beatles’ touring years. It should cover their life on the road from 1960-1966 and follow the band from Liverpool as they went from unknowns to the biggest band on the planet.

Beatlemania has been well documented over the past 50 years, but fan Howard has insisted he’ll be able to give a whole new perspective on the most influential pop phenomenon the world has ever known.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Ron said, “What’s so compelling to me is the perspective that we have now, the chance to really understand the impact that they had on the world,”

That six-year period is such a dramatic transformation in terms of global culture and these remarkable four individuals, who were both geniuses and also entirely relatable. That duality is something that is going to be very interesting to explore.”

Advances in technology will mean old footage can be seen in a completely new way, giving fans a brand new look into the past.

We are going to be able to take the Super 8 footage that we found, that was all shot silent. We’ll not only be able to digitally repair a lot of that, but we’ve also been finding the original recordings,” he explained, “We can now sync it up and create a concert experience so immersive and so engaging, I believe you’re going to actually feel like you’re somewhere in the Sixties, seeing what it was like to be there, feeling it and hearing it. And as a film director, that’s a fantastic challenge.”

Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Howard also said it would give a cultural and social look at the era, and would incorporate fans throughout the years.

“I hope we find some of that in the footage,” he said of the project, which will be released in 2015.

We may have a shot of a boy or a girl very early in their life at a concert, and then we may be able to find them today and talk to them, and talk to their grandchildren and see what their relationship is with the Beatles, and understand how multiple generations find tremendous value and relevance in their music.”

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