The Voice Blind Auditions End: Judges Complete Their Teams


The blind auditions of The Voice came to an end on October 6 and each judge completed their teams of 12. Here are the final talented singers to join Team Gwen, Adam, Blake, and Pharrell.

Matt McAndrew – He sang, “A Thousand Years”, a Twilight soundtrack favorite and although the judges battled it out for his vote, Matt chose Adam.

Brittany Butler – She sang “The Girl fromIpanema” and decided to be on Team Pharrell.

Even Watson – Although he chose to sing“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”, no judges turned around.

Ryan Sill – When he started singing “Secrets”, Gwen hit her button and Ryan ended up choosing her.

Fernanda Bosch – She opted for “I try” and Gwen turned around with Blake about half way through the song.  Fernanda chose Blake as her coach.

Beth Spangler – She performed “Best Thing I Never Had” and was the first singer of the night to get all four judges to turn around.  Beth wanted Adam to coach her and he was the first one to complete his team.

Erin Kim – He sang “Latch”, but, unfortunately, no judges turned around.

Griffin – After singing “It’s A Beautiful Day”, Gwen, Blake, and Pharrell fought to have him on their team but he chose team Pharrell, now completed.

Chandra Knudson – “Hard to Love” was the song she performed, but no judges turned around.

Mayra Alvarez – She sang “Human Nature” and went with Gwen, completing Stefani’s team.

Justin Johnes – He opted for “Let Her Go” and became the final member to join team Blake.

The battle rounds are coming up next and this is definitely going to be one tough season.

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