Two Albums From His Royal Badness!


Prince isn’t one to stick to conventions when it comes to music, and we love it. Nothing reflects that fact more than his recent decision to release two albums on the same day.

The legendary singer has unveiled an album titled ‘Art Official Age’, his first solo album since 2010, and ‘PlectrumElectrum’, which features him alongside three-woman rock trio 3rdEyeGirl.

The records display the singer’s musical diversity with each album presenting two very different sounds. Art Official Age sees the 56-year old demonstrate his ability to entertain as a solo artist, while PlectrumElectrum sees him focus more on his protégé band, 3rdEye Girl.

Although, if he was hoping the move would rocket the girls into the spotlight, reports are claiming that the star’s solo project overshadows their joint one.

The singer is able to pump out as much music as he likes given that he owns his own label, NPG, which he started in the mid-1990s. Since opening his own record label, the music legend released music in various formats, including triple and quadruple albums.


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