Tyra Banks Is Being Sued By A Former Contestant For $3mil

Asia's Next Top Model Press Conference

Angelea Preston, a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, says that she was wronged when she was unfairly disqualified and that the show, starting with Tyra Banks, owes her big time.

She says that she was secretly disqualified after the producers and the network learned she used to work for an escort service.

Preston was eliminated three times during the show, and brought back two times. The last time she appeared on the show was in an All Stars episode of the Cycle 17, when she made it into the final three.

She says that she was then mysteriously disqualified with no explanations to her or to the audience. Watching the episode again it becomes clear that they learned a piece of information that disqualified Preston from further consideration.

Angelea Preston says that she won Cycle 17 and that they owe her a contract with CoverGirl and a fashion spread, on top of the $3mil she wants for being denied the top prize.

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