Watch James Corden’s Beautiful Speech About The Orlando Shooting


Sunday, June 12th will be remembered in American history as the date when the deadliest mass shooting in the nation took place. Only some hours later, James Corden opened the Tony Awards with a touching speech about the depth of the tragedy that happened, reports US Weekly .

Corden stepped out as a representative of the theatre community and said a few heartfelt sentences about how the horrifying the turn of events has left them speechless and in terror. One of the currently most accomplished actors and the show host of Late Late Night Show in less than a minute of his speech expressed that the theatre always offers equality for everyone, no matter their skin color, sexual orientation or religion.

The speech was concluded with the words that the Tony Awards are a celebration of free will and equality and that together we can make sure that the hate will never win. All that received an award addressed the Orlando tragedy, but the one that stood out the most was the sonnet by Lin-Manuel Miranda that had many people in the audience holding back the tears.

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