We Are Under Their Spell: 15 Charismatic Celebs


They are not stunning in the way we are used to stars being. They are not ordinary, but very mesmerizing with their energy, voice, grace, masculinity, and who knows what else.

We admire them through their roles, through the way they make us want the movie to last longer, and we all have at least one of their roles that make us never forget them. However, they are not underdogs; they are famous, rich, charming and special. Here are 15 stars we are in love with, but we have no idea why.

1. Helena Bonham Carter

She’s a forever ‘90’s Alterna-Prom Queen, and we hate that we love that. She is very strange. Her head looks like a porcelain doll, or maybe she just dresses that way. Not sure. But one thing is for sure, when we see Helena and Johnny Depp together onscreen, they make the craziest couple ever, and we just adore them.

Her dominant energy and the drama in her eyes makes us truly believe in anything she says. One cannot help but trust this princess of oddness. Did you know this lady is married to Timothy Burton? He says she auditions for any role she wants, but if he turns her down she cuts off his toes with rose sheers while he’s asleep. He now only has two toes left on his right foot.

And her dinner parties are famous in the Hollywood and British theatrical world, especially for their bizarre menus and sadistic Bunuel style games. Did we say she’s strange?

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