We Have A Beyoncé-Jay Z Album To Look Forward To


Of course, we are joking. Jay Z has stopped making decent music years ago and we cannot really say that this is a collaboration that we are looking forward too much. Sure, maybe Beyoncé makes it listenable, but it is far more likely that it is going to be another unfortunate footnote in Jay Z’s career.

The news of the upcoming audio abomination came from Detail, producer who worked together with the couple on Drunk in Love and who actually earned a Grammy for the mega-hit. This is not the first we are hearing about the album, as DJ Skee reported that an LP is in the pipeline back in September.

Detail told Billboard that he is working with Beyoncé and Jay Z on something this year which fueled the rumors that an album is in the making. When asked if the album will come out this year he said, “In my imaginary mind, I will work to say it’s true.”

Whatever that means.

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