Webbie Takes A Dip And Gets Baptized (VIDEO)


A lot of rappers are religious from the start. You hear them rapping about God all of the time and about their relationship with the High and Mighty. Take Kanye West and his “Jesus Walks” days for example.

But others never find Christ. However, it’s never too late to accept Jesus in your life.

Webbie is a Louisiana rapper who is known for being a pretty hard guy. Apart from rapping about drugs and murder, he pretty much lived on the edge as well. He was arrested for battery in 2011 and then again for drugs the following year.

But it seems that Webbie is ready to change his ways.

He attended church in Louisiana this Sunday for Easter and when the preacher asked if there was anyone there who wanted to be baptized, Webbie said that he did.

So he took the dip and stepped into the world of Christianity.

And then he went and boiled up some crawfish with his squad, because that’s how you celebrate Easter in Louisiana!

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