Whoopi Goldberg Knew Her Second Marriage Was Doomed


Famous actress Whoopi Goldberg knew her 1980’s marriage is doomed after David Claessen, her then-husband, refused to help her clean up after their wedding.

She even says she knew it was going to end before they’ve exchanged vows in 1986, but she just couldn’t let everybody down and let him stand at the altar.

She said, “My mother once said to me, because she could see it on my face, that it (the wedding) was wrong and we all knew it was wrong. It was like I’d done this big, crazy thing. My mother said, ‘Look, there’s a car out the back, just get in the car ’cause you don’t want to do this, I can see it on your face.’ I said, ‘Ma, we have spent all this money.’ I couldn’t do it to the guests.”

As soon as he refused to help her clean up after their reception, she knew it wouldn’t last long.

She explains, “I wanted to take care of my house because the house had been so trashed. I wanted to clean up (on my wedding night)…”

“This is how I knew it wasn’t gonna work. I said, ‘Listen, do you see how much trash is here? We’ve gotta get at least some of this out and done so we can sleep in tomorrow…’ He didn’t want to do it… I would have (had sex) with him in the morning, all day (if he had cleaned up)…! Two year’s later (we divorced)…”

David was her second husband. She was previously married to Alvin Martin, 1973 until 1979. After him she was married to her colleague Lyle Trachtenberg but divorced him in 1995, after one year of marriage.

She’s not going to marry again, as she says, “Some people are not meant to be married and I am not meant to. I’m sure it is wonderful for lots of people.”

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