Whoopi Goldberg Says You Have To Be Black To Understand What Racism Is


Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell had a heated debated about racism during The View on Thursday, Dec. 18.  The discussion started when the panel mentioned First Lady Michelle Obama’s disclosure that the President of America and his family still get racially profiled.  Namely, President Obama was recently mistaken for a waiter and valet, while Michelle was asked to assist a customer in a store.

Goldberg argued that incidents like this are not racism.  Instead, she claimed that mistaking the President of America for a valet is ignorance and ridiculousness.

“I’ve been black for 60 years. For me, stupidity: There are dumb folks who just say dumb stuff because they’re not looking or paying attention to the person they’re talking to, which is why people could walk up to Obama and not look up at him and see that it’s the president.”

Rosie Perez was quick to disagree with Whoopi, stating that those incidents are conscious racism.

“When my sister Carmen and I were in San Antonio—we were in an exclusive hotel, we’re in exclusive VIP lounge, there are millions of people, right? We walk in and they asked my sister Carmen to clean the table.”

Rosie O’ Donne couldn’t agree more with Perez and said that she knows what racism is when she sees it.

“I have a black kid I raised Whoopi! I have a kid in my house! You don’t need to be black to know what racism is!”

Goldberg ended the screaming match by saying that you have to be black to understand what racism is.

Watch the clip below:


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