Why George Clooney Proposed To Amal?


If we take a look at his love life and romances, we would see a pattern. The most desirable bachelor (he used to be, ok), had many extremely beautiful women following him on red carpets and through life, generally. So, what makes Amal Alamuddin so special?

According to dating coach & flirting expert Laurel House, “What did she do when the two were introduced at a party and he asked for her phone number? She rejected him. Twice.”
Maybe that’s the thing. She’s been playing hard to get and eventually landed the most wanted A-lister alive.

House says, “Amal wasn’t about to fall for the surface appeal that landed others in fleeting relationships with the ultimate silver fox.

She made him put some effort into it. Because that’s what women of high self-worth, women who know what they bring to the table, women who aren’t in it for the short ride, women who know that in order to make a man truly want you he has to view you as the prize.”

And maybe the best possible advice for all you single ladies out there – don’t obsess. House put it very nicely. She said, “When he finally sent her several emails, egging on witty banter, the flirty fun had begun.

But still, she didn’t immediately offer herself up. She didn’t clear her calendar and drop everything in order to make herself available for him. She didn’t obsess over his messages. Why? Because she has a life!

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