Wiz Khalifa Caught Urinating In Public


Even though Wiz Khalifa boasts his tough-guy behavior, he somehow managed to elude any forms of quarrel with the law – until now.

It looks like Khalifa found himself in Pittsburgh, behind The Flats bar, with his bladder slightly more full than expected, so he decided to relieve himself. Unfortunately for him, public urination is illegal pretty much everywhere in the world, and police officers just happened to be patrolling around at the time – bad luck for Khalifa, indeed.

Pittsburgh police released a statement explaining how it all happened around 2:30 in the morning on Pittsburgh’s South Side, and that there were no serious consequences. Khalifa was simply fined, as all people relieving themselves in public would be.

It doesn’t matter what your name is, you simply can’t go around and pee anywhere you want – even if you are famous and one of your greatest hits is called “Black and Yellow.”

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