You Are Not Good Enough To Meet Justin Bieber


Regardless of whether we believe it or whether they are aware of it, deep inside, celebrities think they are better than us mere mortals. Some of them are aware of it rationally while for others it is more an unconscious part of their celebrity being. But rest assured, deep down, they all think they’re better than us.

It’s been a while since a celebrity reminded us so directly of this reality and happened to be Justin Bieber. Namely, in the future, his Beliebers are not even going to be able to pay for the privilege to bask in the glory that is Justin Bieber (it used to be $2K for a “ticket”).

He simply decided that regular people, his fans, are no longer going to be allowed to approach him as part of these meet and greets he’s been doing for some time now.

From now on, only if you happen to know Justin or someone from his closest circle will you be able to smell him. Like if you’re Wayne Gretzky’s daughter.

If you are regular folk, well not so much.

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