YouTuber Shane Dawson Admits He’s Bisexual


Shane Dawson is known for his hilarious parody videos and sketches, but his latest video was nothing to laugh about. The popular YouTube personality released a 15-minute video in which he revealed to viewers that he is bisexual.

The YouTube star, who has over 6 million subscribers currently, talked about how hard it was for him to reach his conclusion and confirm his sexual identity. He has been in two long-term relationships with women recently, but said that he is definitely not straight. Dawson added that he believes that it would have been easier if he had just discovered that he is gay, but said that that’s not the case.

He also touched upon his upbringing, saying that he was raised in a strict religious family, which made it hard for him to deal with his sexuality. He said that this confusion about his sexuality as a teenager led him to become very depressed and morbidly obese.

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