10 Most Outrageous Miley Cyrus Outfits


Celebrity world works in mysterious ways. What was once a desperate cry for attention has been turned into a standard operating procedure if you want to get famous.

It’s fascinating and a little sad to think about all these celebrities who sat down with their managers or whoever’s in charge and were told they should ditch their current image, no matter what.

Destiny Hope Cyrus (her real name), a Disney star child who “broke bad” in the recent years is one of them. Sex sells, attention sells, we all know this but you don’t have to poke our eyes out with it. Let’s see just how hard it is to get rid of that Disney brand:

1. The Braveheart Meets Woodcutter Meets 50 Cent

Sporting a fur coat and a woodcutter shirt, Miley has really surprised us with this combination. We were expecting that there’s nothing underneath, but at least we were close.

With her crotch stuffed in our faces we are on a sure way of forgetting that this was Hanna Montana.

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