7 Celebs Who Must Fire Their Stylist


As the boundaries between good and bad taste are quickly disappearing, there are more and more celebrities who are blindly listening to their stylists and their promises.

“Everybody will be looking at you; there’s no such thing as bad publicity; this will boost your record/movie/porn clip ratings…” are just some of the lines being used to “sell” these abominations without an ounce of style and fashion.

These seven celebrities simply must fire their stylists, although without their horrid creations we wouldn’t have this guilty pleasure of viewing the worst that the celeb world has to offer:

1. Excuse me, your cloths are on acid

AAaa my eyes, it burns…

When you have to be absolutely, positively, 100 percent sure that you will be noticed, use this outfit.

If you could endure staring at this Nicki Minaj combination for a bit of time you would start to notice that the details are even crazier than the main stuff, although we don’t recommend it.

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