11 Celebrities Who Uttered Those Immortal Words – “Don’t You Know Who I Am”?


6. Sports Star Allen Iverson proves it’s not just the girls

He may be instantly recognizable to sports fans, but when the police pulled him over in his Lamborghini he offered for them to take his car because he had another ten of them, before the usual, “Do you know who I am?” I’m not sure whether the police officer did or didn’t know, but he booked him anyway.

7. Kanye West even has to play the card occasionally

Half of one of the most photographed couples in the world, Kanye West may be a well known fashionista, but even he couldn’t get into some of the shows during Paris Fashion Week, with or without the celebrity card. He came, he saw, he failed…

8. Rihanna is one celebrity who made it work

The superstar pop singer was almost thrown out of a London club after dancing on a table which ultimately collapsed. Yelling “do you know who I am” as the security guards began to drag her away did work for a change once the manager caught wind of the situation, and she was readmitted.

9. Guy Fieri may want you to think he’s a regular guy, but…

Even larger than life Guy Fieri (the “regular guy” from the food network) tried to play the celebrity card when he was refused entry to the VIP area at the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for him, he made such a fuss that he was kicked out of the entire event. That’ll teach him!

10. Ryan Kwanten proved that even celebrities can’t gatecrash a party

Ryan Kwanten was apparently furious at being turned away from an Oscar party for George Clooney, even when his publicist got involved. He had to leave and go to another party where they actually did recognize him. Life can be so hard for celebrities.

11. Val Kilmer apparently uses it quite frequently

According to some sources, Val Kilmer isn’t afraid to try the “don’t you know who I am” card at every given opportunity. I guess that means when he isn’t getting his way or some mere mortal doesn’t recognize him.

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