20 Celebs Who Died In Freaky Accidents


5. Marc Bolan

The death of Marc Bolan is its own legend. Fans from around the world have converged on the tree in south-west London where the glam rock star drew his last breath, more than 35 years ago. Now, it has been revealed the legend was wrong.

An eyewitness to the car crash that killed the rock star told her story to a national newspaper. Vicky Aram, a 77-year old, a former nightclub singer, was invited back from a party by Bolan, his girlfriend Gloria Jones and Jones’s brother Richard to discuss future musical projects. Following them in a separate car, Ms Aram was at the scene seconds after the incident.

It was thought Bolan was killed when his car hit the tree. In fact, he was killed when his Mini hit a steel fence post. A new book reveals he suffered a head injury from an eye bolt in the fence.

The book – Ride a White Swan: The Lives and Death of Marc Bolan – was penned by journalist Lesley-Ann Jones.

Talking to The Independent, Ms Aram explained how she was driving just seconds behind Bolan on the ill-fated night,

“As I came over the bridge with Richard [Jones] beside me, I can still in my mind see, so clearly, a purple car which looked like a little beetle. It was upright and it was smoking and there was a tiny glimmer of light from the moon, the night was so still.”

The “little beetle” is the Mini driven by Gloria Jones. Ms Aram said she didn’t immediately stop at the car but drove a few meters away.

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