21 Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Breast Implants


2. Britney Spears

Her breasts were practically non-existent when she came onto the scene as a pop mega star in her late teens. When she went from flat-chested to full-breasted overnight, people obviously noticed and started asking questions, but Britney has consistently denied all rumors.

The biggest controversy regarding Britney’s otherwise very lovely (albeit silicone) chest was focused on the fact that the queen of pop had the surgery done when she was just a teen. She later admitted to having had a boob job, saying she regretted it, as she was still so young and developing and her breasts were still growing.

During her pregnancy Britney downsized her implants, but recently she was spotted sporting a pair of very ample breasts, causing rumors to start yet again. For what it’s worth, Britney’s presumably fake breasts are frequently featured on lists of best boob jobs in the biz.

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