21 Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Breast Implants


3. Salma Hayek

The Latina actress is known for her full-figured frame, sporting gravity-defying curves in all the right places. If you’ve followed her acting career closely, however, you may remember a time when Salma wasn’t nearly as well-endowed up top.

Her transition was almost seamless as the procedure was most likely done well before she rose to the status of a superstar, and because the rest of her figure is so full and curvy. Big breasts simply look natural on her.

Even before her breast augmentation procedure, Hayek was very proud of her body, including her breasts, which, in the beginning, were not as ginormous as today. They were not tiny: she had a solid C cup. However, at some point in her career, she transitioned to a double-D, but, like we said, the change seemed natural for her. Also, it’s one of the best and the most expensive boob jobs in Hollywood, rumored to have cost $10,000.

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