20 Celebrities Who Have A Secret Love Child


Hollywood is not a great place to keep a secret, particularly if that secret is the result of some long forgotten fling. It comes as no surprise that a number of Hollywood stars have been named as, “The Daddy”, some deny it, some claim they can’t remember it, some won’t pay and some embrace the situation with open arms.

1. Eddie Murphy really was The Daddy

No amount of denial of dramatics could alter the fact that Eddie Murphy really was “The Daddy” to a little girl born to former Spice Girl Mel B. DNA tests can prove that sort of thing these days even though he denied it, it was proven to be true!

Murphy is definitely no stranger to children and to controversy. If we are keeping count correctly, he has seven other children that he father with three other women.

When it comes to Angel, the daughter that he had with Mel B, Murphy at first said that he was not seeking a relationship with her. But there were reports that came out in 2010 that said that he had changed his mind and was actually getting to know his daughter.

Murphy, of course, really has no problem supporting that many children. He can even bring his total up to a perfect ten and he would still have a lot of money to spare thanks to all of the hit movies he has starred in and produced.

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