21 Celebrities Who Suffer From Allergies


Allergies aren’t anything new; they’ve been around as long as people have. Even with new medicines and vaccines, sometimes we can’t help but sneeze.

What about our favorite celebrities? Let’s take a look at what allergen has them down.

1. Sabrina Soto

Sabrina’s one of the most famous home designers around and her allergy might even make you chuckle… She’s allergic to dust. Yes, you read right, dusty houses make her sneeze. Clearly she took on a challenging career.

Every person suffering from dust allergies knows how debilitating and frustrating they can be. However, Soto decided she could actually take advantage of her ailment and even make some money out of it, helping fellow allergy sufferers at the same time. She frequently speaks about allergies in her columns and shows, and she even compiled a list of five pro tips for an allergy-free home and garden. With more and more people suffering from various allergies, seasonal or not, these tips are definitely useful.

In her endeavors, she has partnered with a famous brand of allergy medication, Claritin, who sponsors her show at HGTV. Soto is a great advocate for this popular drug, saying that on some days she wouldn’t be able to function without it.

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