15 Crazy Celebrity Weight Changes


2. Jared Leto

When you think of Jared Leto, you think of a sexy actor and rock musician with perfect abs and a slender frame. But he went through a huge change of weight when he was preparing to play Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon.

For this role, the usually skinny Leto had to put on over 60 pounds in order to transform into Chapman. According to the actor, he literally had to force-feed himself even when he did not feel like he was able to eat anymore. The transformation took quite a toll on Leto. He said that he experienced extreme pain in his foot that was similar to what people feel when they have gout.

Leto also said that it took him well over a year to get back to his regular weight. He also added that he will not be doing anything similar for some time, because it was a very hard experience to go through.

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