20 Stars Whose Children Died


2. Sylvester Stallone

The Hollywood tough guy has been known to be a great family guy and was completely distraught when he learned that his son had died. His son Sage died in 2012, and at first, many people thought that it was of a drug overdose.

According to the initial police reports, Sage was found dead with some prescription pills by his side, which is what lead some of the investigators to believe that he might have overdose on prescription drugs. However, the toxicology reports later confirmed that he has taken a very regular dose of hydocodone and that the drug was not what killed the man.

It was later revealed that his death was due to a heart problem that he had. Sage suffered from what was known as atherosclerosis, which is a heart condition in which fatty substances build up in the arteries. This build up can cause a heart attack if very severe, which is what ended up happening to Stallone’s son.

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